Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, Ashewa is a legally registered company under the Trade Registration and Licensing Act 980/2008 to operate under Ethiopian law and regulations since 13/03/2013 E.C. Ashewa was established by the memorandum of association signed on 06/02/2013 E.C. Ashewa is working under intensive follow up, supervisor and control from government. Mainly we are regulated by trade and investment minster.

Ashewa Technology Solution S.C adheres to the principle of growth, so ultimately what our company envisions is to become an iconic, impactful and leading Tech company in Africa. Through constantly updating ourselves, trusting the power of innovation as well as education and research we intend to create a wealthy future for our country and opportunity for the youth.

Ashewa Technology solution S.C is established to bring innovative solutions to the existing problems. It plays a significant role to fight against poverty, through making a significant contribution to the country’s GDP. Pioneering in E-commerce (, the company will launch soon the rest technology sectors it is going to engage in. the 11 sectors include;
  • E-commerce
  • E-learning
  • Logistics and shipment
  • E-payment/obirr
  • Media and entertainment
  • Cloud computing
  • Innovation and invention center
  • Ashewa social
  • Insurance
  • SE Technology
  • AI Technology

Pulling the youth out of unemployment is one of Ashewa’s missions, plus Ashewa sets a goal to create five million millionaires by 2030. With the light of that Ashewa works together with the youth for the youth. Because we believe ‘whoever has the youth has the future’.

Among our first projects that aim to create employment opportunity for the youth, ‘the job for all’ project that is launched on February and now actively hiring while providing training for the recruiters is worth mentioning. Job for all is a seven million ETB project that provides job opportunity for the youth and internet users.

There are many features about us that make us stand out from the crowd. The first one is real commitment to our vision, the second one is moving fast and the third is cooperation. We are a highly committed organization. There is no coming back to that, so we don’t compromise the big future instant pleasure. Every day, our purpose driven team pushes the boundary to reach their highest potential, challenges the status quo and tame the spirit of creativity while cultivating the culture of cooperation and team work.

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